Happy Birthday Billy is the episode of The Annoying Billy released for Billy's birthday on 8th October


On 8th October 1940, it is Billy's birthday and Percy, Rosie, Duck and Alfie are celebratin, Percy and Duck are waiting for him, Duck is confused about where a voice is coming from until Percy explains that midget Alfie is going to jump out the cupcake and sing to Billy, Alfie is offended by being called midget Alfie and tells them it is little Alfie, Rosie appears by the cupcake and asks if Alfie will be her friend to which Alfie replies "Get me out of this cupcake and I'll be your best friend!" but Rosie justs decides to sing a song and she doesn't know the song "I'm stuck in a cupcake!", as Rosie sings, Billy arrives and Percy, Rosie, Duck and Alfie say Happy Birthday and they say yay with Billy (as well as having to remind him it's his birthday), Billy does target practise knocking a balloon in Percy's face to which then he sounds like Rosie, Percy and the others have got Billy something he's always wanted, Billy goes to a flashback finding out from Henry it is not his birthday and Billy then remembers saying "I want my Wii pony!" only to find he has a wee pony (and it can't play Nintendo), the pony starts eating Rosie but this only tickles, they then find Alfie is on fire and Billy and Percy attempt to blow out the candle but this blows the icing off and it lands on Rosie and sets fire to the pony before the pony kicks Rosie and his fire goes out, Rosie lands on Duck before Stanley ends up torturing Duck and Rosie meanwhile survived but is still on fire then the pony continues eating her