The Tanksons (Season 1)

Artwork of Series 1 by NedGrabiec

The Tanksons is a crossover between Thomas and The Simpsons


Tracey Ullman shorts (1987-1989)

Thomas as Homer Simpson

Emily as Marge Simpson

James as Bart Simpson

Rosie as Lisa Simpson

Lady as Maggie Simpson

Duke as Grandpa Simpson

Duke's Twin (made up character) as Uncle Hubert

Cranky as Krusty

Itchy and Scratchy

The Large Engines as The Ape Simpsons

Series 1 (1989-1990)

Diesel as Mr Burns

Edward as Ned Flanders

Bill and Ben as Rod and Todd

Annie and Clarabel as Patty and Selma

Splatter as Waylon Smithers Jr.

Henry as Milhouse

George as Nelson

The Fat Controller as Principal Skinner

Lady Hatt as Edna Krabappel

Gremlin as Santa's Little Helper

Duck as Martin Prince

Toby as Barney Gumble

Percy as Lenny Leonard

Stepney as Carl Carloso

Neville as Apu

Murdoch as Kent Brockman

Oliver as Chief Wiggum

Donald as Eddie and Groundskeeper Willie

Douglas as Lou

Bertie as Otto

Billy as Ralph Wiggum

Diesel 10 as Sideshow Bob

Godred as Bleeding Gums Murphy
The Tanksons (Season 2)

Artwork of Season 2 by NedGrabiec

Series 2 (1990-1991)

Elizabeth as Miss Hoover

Derek as Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure

Harold as Dr. Hibbert

Smudger as Dr. Nick

Ringo Starr as Himself (Simpsons character)

Blinky as Himself

Kang and Kodos as Themselves

Jinty as Herb Powell

Bulgy as Comic Book Guy

Hiro as Hans Moleman

Arry and Bert as Snake
The Tanksons (Season 3)

Artwork of Season 3 by NedGrabiec

Series 3 (1991-1992)

Norman as Fat Tony

Leon Kompowsky as Himself

Spencer as Mayor Quimby

Henrietta as Samantha Stankey

Freddie as Professor Frink
The Tanksons (Season 4)

Artwork of Season 4 by NedGrabiec

Series 4

Rusty as Rev. Lovejoy

D199 as Mr Black

D261 as Lyle Lanley

Mallard as Llewellyn Sinclair

Salty as The Sea Captain

The Tanksons (Season 5)

Artwork of Season 5 by NedGrabiec

Series 5

BoCo as Uter

Diesel (Robot version) as Robot Burns

Splatter (Robot version) as Robot Smithers

Bobo as Himself

Hank as Cletus